Insulated Water Bottles

Combining the thermal properties of an insulated vacuum bottle with the lightweight, flexible features of a plastic bottle, the Polar Bottle® Sport insulated water bottle is the ideal choice for active people. Going for a long ride? Simply fill the bottle with liquid and ice and hit the road. For even longer cooling power, partially fill your Polar Bottle water bottle and store it in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours before use. With three insulating layers, the Polar Bottle Sport will keep liquids cold more than twice as long as conventional water bottles.

Polar Bottle now offers the original sport bottle in three sizes, 12 oz., 20 oz. and 24 oz. The Ergo bottle uses the same insulation technology as the sport bottle, but utilizes the Half Twist™ cap. ThermaLuxe™ is a vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle.

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